Dashboard Analytics

No Internet of Things (IoT) strategy would be complete without a comprehensive dashboard including data analytics. With the Geroix IoT Center, you go to one location to view all of your statistics, events and charts. We’ve built multiple access points to your data so that you are always just a click away from all of your data. And yes, your data. Geroix understands that your data is your data. We provide all of the tools you need to gain access to, and download all of your raw data. Just in case you ever need all of that data.

Speaking of a lot of data, the Geroix IoT Center is tailored to rollup large and complex analytics into simple-to-use IoT Widgets that you can place anywhere on your dashboard that suits you, and your customers, best. With data overload increasing everyday, Geroix is here to take the pain of sifting through data. Reach for your Geroix Dashboard, and never be far from every piece of your data.

Device Chart Dashboard