The Team

David Dietrich

David Dietrich

Founder & CEO

David Dietrich is a proven technologist with over 25 years of large transactional system development and management. In leading the push for solving real world problems, his efforts have been instrumental in building the railroad’s first coast-to-coast telecommunications system, the travel industry’s first SQL Server data based system, the nation’s largest green program, and one of the first supply chain risk management solutions. Today, leveraging his patent for next-generation wireless, David Dietrich’s vision is to transform global and large-scale IoT device networks into a standard messaging protocol for converged IoT device communications. He sees the future once again; building a ubiquitous world of universally shared knowledge and Internet things.

Jonathan Gael headshot

Jonathan Gael

Founder & CMO

Jonathan Gael has over two decades of experience in various facets of telecommunications and technology, spanning from business telephone systems and the early days of video conferencing, to licensing intellectual property, building executive teams, procuring development partners and bringing new applications and technologies to commercial readiness.  Via the United States Patent and Trade Office, Gael was instrumental in procuring Geroix’ 2015 patent, which led to Finalist honors at the IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, as well as a Google Research Award which helped Geroix attract graduate student interns at USC and UC, Irvine. Prior to Geroix, Gael specialized in building relationships for startups, Ether2, Nextel and Teligent with multiple President’s Club Award wins.  Gael grew up in a Bell family from Northern New Jersey, where his father, Dr. Sidney Gael, was an industrial psychologist for AT&T Today, and his mother was a sales leader for New Jersey Bell directories.  Today, he lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two young boys.

Howard Pakosh Press Photo

Howard Pakosh

Semiconductor Sales

Howard Pakosh is Managing Partner at TekStart LLC, a leading corporate development provider, assisting its clients to grow their business, achieve strategic objectives, and maximize shareholder value. Mr. Pakosh has been involved in all facets of sales and marketing for the last 30 years. Prior to TekStart, he served as Director of NA Sales for Sonics Inc., the leading provider of intelligent interconnect solutions that manage the on-chip communications in SoC devices. The company’s SMART Interconnect solutions manage complex on-chip communications such as those resulting from the convergence of video, voice and data processing on a SoC. Previously, Mr. Pakosh worked at Virage Logic Corporation (NASDAQ:VIRL) where he worked as Director, Emerging Markets for this leader of semiconductor intellectual property (SIP). Mr. Pakosh also co-founded Xentec, a semiconductor IP startup that developed the world’s first commercial USB Subsystem.


Roger Thorpe

Founder & President

Roger Thorpe is a seasoned entrepreneur and product architect. A former VP of Engineering and Architect for a Supercomputer manufacturer, he has for the last 20 years run his own company offering design and development services, especially to start-up companies. For several start-ups he has served as CTO and VP of Engineering. He has focused on companies whose products include ASIC based products that require high performance computing. These products are both consumer and professional-level products and range from systems that require high performance image and video processing, to internet infrastructure systems that need to move, store and process vast amounts of data.