Green Technology

In today’s world, being good is no longer good enough. You have to stretch yourself, your team and your company to be great. At Geroix, we wanted to do something meaningful to help the world around us we all live in. As part of our strategy of interconnecting the world’s electronic devices to each other, we asked ourselves, “How can we do this better?”

Our answer was to build a device and communications strategy the reduced power, and time to send information throughout the digital world of bits and bytes. We’ve worked extra hard to build one of the world’s lowest power IoT Central Processing Units (CPU). We’ve worked extra hard to minimize the amount of network traffic that gets transmitted back and forth as devices communicate with each other and us.

Our goal here is make a world of difference: environmentally, monetarily and mentally. Together we all are making a difference in how we interact with people, machines and the world around us. We understand that not every problem can be solved by being green. We do know that we are doing everything we can to help solve every problem with as little impact to our world as possible.

Smarter Technology, Greener Pastures