Intelligent Diagnostics

Intelligent Diagnostics is one of the new world of possibilities to prevent and manage device equipment failures. With a seemingly infinite array of electronic devices comprising today medium- and large- scale systems, there needs to be a way to intelligently diagnose problems. Before they happen.

Geroix has developed a Prognostics IoT solution to solve just this problem, before it becomes a problem. Our secure, fast and integrated IoT platform enables your company and their partners, to assess sensor data and diagnostic events, before they become critical. We built Geroix IoT after living decades of industrial and corporate experience, knowing exactly what was needed to support an unlimited, and global, array of mission critical sensor networks and business processes.

Prognostics were born to determine problem sources and devices before they cause catastrophic failure. This significantly reduces unnecessary downtime and costly process disruption. Intelligent diagnostics are built into Geroix IoT from the ground up. While many simply wait for failures to happen, we notify you, your contact center and anyone you’ve configured to listen, that there is a problem about to happen with any sensor and/or diagnostic equipment.

Our goal is nothing short of being 100% pro-active. Your customers are demanding it, and the pace of today’s global markets are demanding. Let Geroix guide you to a world of uninterrupted workflow, so that you can solve the most pressing issues your company and customers demand.

Proactive sensor and equipment monitoring

Absolute security

Alerts to errors before they happen

Micro-server communications

Mean time between failure (MTBF)

Time-sensitivity of transactions

These are just a small set of the solutions Geroix brings to Intelligent Diagnostics. We have extensive experience in building systems that are relied on by millions of people everyday. From robotics to automation to the factory floor, Geroix IoT is the perfect complement to evolving challenges of today’s global device proliferation.

Industrial IoT in Action