The Human Mission

Geroix is a believer that as humans we are here to make each of our lives better every day. With a proliferation of new machine technologies coming from all angles, we see it as our mission to reduce the complexity of all the machines around us. From phones, to cars, to toys, to medical, to almost anything you can think of, machines are an integral component. Our mission is ensure that the machines intuitively work for us.

Think about how much you have to configure and respond to each of your digital devices. Our days are becoming more filled servicing machines. When in fact, the machines we interact with should be making our lives simpler. Geroix sees a world where you configure how much granularity you want in your machine interactions. We understand that some people enjoy the nuts and bolts and enjoy diving deep into electronics. Most people though, would prefer not to digging into the weeds on their devices, just to setup an e-mail account.

The Human Mission is about:

  • Enabling one simple place to store your machine intuition.
  • Finding new intuitive ways to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for better decission making.
  • Having a platform where creating new devices is simple, with the complexity reduced so that makers can create.
  • Helping solve problems we face in humanity’s continued ascension, while ensuring everyone enjoys the fruits of increased human knowledge.
  • Ensuring that everyone has a level playing field to create, live, and expand their horizons.

And this is just the beginning. We all have so much to offer to the world. Geroix is here to unlock the doors to your piece of the human mission.

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